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Whether you're a performer, artist, reader, researcher, or tech enthusiast, there's a space on the Leeds Central Library Arts Floor to unleash your potential.

The Arts Floor at Leeds Central Library includes the Music and Performing Arts Library, Art Library, Drawing Room, Studio12 and exhibition spaces. These are unique spaces and facilities for creativity, exploration, learning and expression. Over 350,000 music, art and performance items are available for study or to borrow.   

The Art Library collects, organises and makes accessible material relating to the visual arts, architecture, and design. It is the largest and most comprehensive specialist public Art Library in the North of England. The Drawing Room is a collaborative city centre studio space for artists, tutors and groups based in the Art Library, with regular programmes of classes and workshops.  

The Music and Performing Arts Library is the largest in the North of England and our Set Lending service allows groups across the UK to borrow over 3,000 orchestral sets and over 300,000 vocals sets 

Studio12 is a digital media project for people aged 16–30. It provides free access to a production studio, computers, equipment and training. 

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