Download e-books, magazines and newspapers

Download e-books, magazines or newspapers

E-books and audio books

Anyone with a library card can borrow free e-books and audio books through the BorrowBox app. 

  • Step 1: Download the BorrowBox app from the store on your device and set up an account using your library card number and PIN. 

  • Step 2: Search, browse and discover our great collection 24/7, by title, author or category, read extracts, listen to excerpts and more. 

  • Step 3: Confirm your choice or reserve a title for later. 

  • Step 4: Download the complete eBook or eAudiobook. You’ll get an email when reserved titles are ready to download. 

  • Step 5: Enjoy reading and remember to re-visit to see the latest books which have been added. 

You can also watch this guide for further help. 

Explore e-books and audio books for children 

Magazines and comics

With Libby, you can enjoy free e-magazines and e-comics from your library. All you need is a library card. 

  • Step 1: Download Libby from the app store on your device. Follow the prompts to find Leeds Libraries and sign in with your library card number. 

  • Step 2: Browse your library's catalogue and open a magazine or comic. 

  • Step 3: Borrowed titles appear on your Shelf. You'll also find your magazine subscriptions and kept magazine issues on the Magazine Rack on your Shelf.   


You can find thousands of newspapers from around the world in Pressreader, available through Libby 

When you have signed into Libby with your library card number, scroll down to the PressReader section and click “Get”. You can access newspapers from Pressreader for 30 days at a time, which you can renew through Libby for free.

If you have lost your library card or PIN, email